Monday, 8 December 2014

Unit Planning Templates: New Curriculum, Achievement Charts, CEFR Principles

I recently attended my third "Français à Coeur" Conference in Kingston, organized by the Eastern Ontario Staff Development Network (EOSDN). The focus of the day were the links among the revised Ontario Curriculum, the achievement charts used for assessment and evaluation, and the principles of the CEFR.

Among other topics, I was intrigued by and encouraged to extend my thinking around:
  • Planning for sociolinguistic conventions (who is the audience?)
  • Planning for pragmatic competence (what is the purpose? How will the skills be used?)

Here is a wonderful planning template for units, which was distributed and discussed at the conference:
  • Planning template for units
    • PDF format
    • These sheets are ledger size (11 x 17) and can be reduced on printers
    • Adapted from template on

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